BREATHE WITH ME by Gia Levé | A Love Song

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A Love Song - “Breathe With Me” is an upbeat, romantic song with a contemporary latin rhythm. Gia’s sultry, smooth vocals tell the story of the merging of two lovers through shared breath.

“It was inspired by a roomful of intentionally breathing yogi’s. It came to me during Kundalini yoga teacher training. Breathing, with conscious intention, along with maybe 80 others in a room can get you in a high state. We chanted for 2 1/2 hours which also elevated the sense of shared -e”.


“I was inspired to write about this amazing experience but the sweet musical idea and feeling of what the Brothers Koren presented pulled the song more toward romance. Not quite my initial inspiration of breathing with a group of white-clad yogi’s! It was a mash-up of ideas, of sorts. And great for the times. We could all be paying attention to our breath these days to diffuse our stresses and in our relation-ps. Mantra has a really positive effect, also. I see my music as a vessel to carry positive messages like mantra.” mused Gia.

Co-written with the Brothers Koren, a duo who has shared the stage with Pink, Rod Stewart and Coldplay and 4-time Grammy award winning producer, Bruce Lowe, who expertly arranged and produced. “Breathe With Me” is an easy listening song with a beautifully crafted arrangement of instruments supporting the movement and emotion of the piece. A long-time advocate of the healing value of music evidenced through his foundation, Music Has Healing Power, Bruce applies scientifically corroborated research in the construct of his musical productions.


“It was the perfect alchemy to work with such wonderful collaborants in producing a song with soul, positive messaging, commercial appeal by it’s production values and some science! My sincere wish is to bring music to the world that is authentic, touches peoples hearts in a positive way.” shared Gia.


“Breathe With Me” was selected and aired pre-release on 2/8/21 as part of Valentine’s Day series, for #1 Award Winning Podcast ,“Women of Substance” followed by 10,000 monthly listeners and promoted to 60,000 social media followers.