How to Make Facebook P-word Reset

The reach of social media is increasing on daily basis. Each day millions of user across the world are connecting with various social media sites.

How to Make Facebook P<i>-</i>word Reset

Its reach is increasing on daily basis with the exceptional rise in the various other services related to it. One such popular social media sites which have become an integral part of our daily lives is Facebook.

Facebook is one of the leading and most popular names in the field of social media sites. Over the course of time it has seen tremendous amount of growth with enhancement o user baser from few millions to two billion with less than a decade. Apart from a nice tool for  as social media interaction it also provides an excellent platform to marketise one’s product, idea or ins-utions. It provides other benefits too such as chatting, discussing various other social issue as built as many social connection. But sometimes user does face problem,one of the common problem user face is regarding forgetting of the p-word. In order to change or reset the p-word, user need to take the -istance from the Facebook p-word reset number or follow these simple procedures :


Go to the facebook website and type your email address in the given field.

And click on the search bar from the given list and then select the profile photos.

Further choose the medium to recover your account email address or the phone number or the security question.

Answer the security question correctly but in case if you don’t have the answer to the security question, choose the email address.

Write down the email address and then a mail will be sent to your recovery email address.

Now, onwards click on the recovery email links and type the new p-word and then confirm the p-word

Click on the save -on to make the changes and re login to confirm the changes.