NEVER LONELY - A Self Love Song by Gia Levé | A Self Empowerment Song

Never Lonely” is a self love song of self-acceptance a celebration swelling from feeling less-than to expanding into a full expression of who we can be.


NEVER LONELY - A Self Love Song by Gia Levé | A Song of Learning Self-love! Self Empowerment Song


“It was a shock to me to discover that 100% of the women who sat in a closing women’s circle of a 6 week workshop suffered from low self-esteem and negative self-talk.

I extrapolated and considered to overlay that percentage on at least the female population (and that it wasn’t exclusively a gender issue) that we all need some healing. I felt moved to give this topic my musical voice.

“Never Lonely” is my personalized voice to the ache of many. The chorus exclaims “Now I got love!” and “L’amour de soi” (self-love) words that resonate and feel great when sung. I intended the words to feel positive, a repatterining occurring each time it’s sung.