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How to Draw an Anime Boy (Shounen)

Time to draw those spiky-haired kids we love!


Why the Apache Revolver Is a Terrible Weapon

It looked terrifying, but it had more bark than bite.


The Poposaurus, The Strange Dinosaur-like Creature of The...

It looked like a dinosaur, walked like a dinosaur, but it was never a dinosaur.


The I-400, The Underwater Aircraft Carrier of World War...

A ~%!*anese wonder weapon that could have devastated the U.S. if it went in full operation.


The Facekini and the Underlying Racism in Mainland China

Facekini is the terrifying way Chinese women cover themselves in the beach due to their aversion to dark skin.


Why It Sucks To Be An Adult In The Evangelion Universe

If I will be transported into Anno’s twisted universe, being an adult is the last thing I want.


Gundam Weapons That Could Hurt the User

Careful, because your mobile suit might loss an arm if you use it!


Why Smartphone Lights Cannot Replace Real Flashlights

My smartphone replaced some of my stuffs, but not the flashlight.

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