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Mental Health

The Permament Effect of Trauma on Children

Hollywood as well as many of the professionals in the mental health field have been giving certain groups of people suffering from...


Relevance of Mathematics to Everyday Life

To motivate you to have more interest in Mathematics, this blog will give you reasons why you should. Below are some of the ways math...


The Truths about How - Can Lift Spirits

- never fails to change someone’s life for the better. So, if you are someone struggling with life right now, you must know...


Not Letting Anxiety and Anger Overpower in Caregiving

One reality about life that you should work on is not becoming blinded by your own emotions of anger and anxiety. You inevitably let...


The Necessities of Children’s Book Storylines

It may seem like writing books for children is easy. But to tell you, it is not. There measures you should take to come up with an...


How to Give a Good Ending to Your Book Series

A great ending of a story is one of the bases of a memorable book. Once readers open a book, they tend to anti-te what the...


How to Find Your Next Children’s Book Idea

Some writers will look for writing prompts to light The truth is, there is no one true method to figuring out what your book should...


How Science Fiction Contributes to the Future

Science fiction is a popular genre among children and adults. Aside from being popular, it is also very much creative and educational....


The Brilliance of Children’s Literature

Children’s books are filled with wisdom that can teach kids a lot about life. They are a great means for enhancing child development....


Ways to Put - First in Your Life

If you decide that you are going on choosing - first in your life, you choose to have peace in your life. If you know that...


Four Things Literature Teach Children in Life

Everyone’s first reading experience is often about fairytales, bedtime stories, and chapter books introduced by parents when we were...


Happiness by Marilyn Taplin

Everyone desires to be happy. When looking at the culture we live in, most people are looking for happiness. Few have found real happiness....


How Memories Dictate Life Decisions

What is reality? It is how we remember events either true, false, or a mixture of the two. It is the the effect our memories have...


The Other Side Of Fear by W. Veronica Lisare

This is a story of moving from abuse, crippling fear and low self-esteem to knowing the ultimate love of -.


Straight from My Heart by Jacqui DeLorenzo

Straight from My Heart presents a collection of true stories and poetry written by a woman who has helped others to discover their...


The Brotherhood of the Wone

The Brotherhood of the Wone is an fascinating tale of an archaeological discovery that unleashes unpredicted powers on the world....

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