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The middle-aged man, dressed as an urchin, laughed and squatted down beside him, like a bulldog, and let the young man play with him on top of his head, introducing the celebrities coming from the top of the mountain to the young man one by one. Kang Long looked at such a group of strange people, secretly wondered what kind of person could make a great master act as his hatchet man, and three great masters let him drive them to play. The person on the side that still wants to see good play originally, see Kang Long fart does not utter a word obediently go away, very disdain to him. When they saw that he was tall and walking around in a big way, they thought he was from somewhere, so no one had provoked him before. Seeing that he was so unbearable, some people couldn't help it. But they heard a middle-aged sick man in his thirties sitting next to him. He snorted coldly, raised his feet and kicked him over, shouting: "Get out of your mother's soft egg!" Chapter 26 instant kill master level master. Kang Long did not look back, nor did he move. He was kicked by the sick man behind his back. He felt an unusual pain in his back, but he did not even hum, and his body did not move. The middle-aged sick man did not expect Kang Long to escape, and his face was stunned. The people next to him also felt puzzled. But Kang Long seemed to have no intention of looking back, sitting on the ground by himself, suppressing the anger in his heart. He didn't want to expose himself, so he chose to endure. But if the sick man still wants to provoke him,uns s32750 sheet, you can't blame him. Don't blame him for being rude. The proud young man and the few men around him lost interest in him as if he were just a useless waster. Kang Long looked coldly at the people around him, simply closed his eyes, and planned to wait patiently until the martial arts meeting began tomorrow. Unexpectedly, the middle-aged sick man, seeing that he was easy to bully, seemed to be interested. He stood up, walked up to him, kicked him with his foot,x60 line pipe, and said to him with disdain: "Hey, boy, do you have anything to eat with you? Give it to me. As soon as I'm happy, I won't bother you anymore." Kang Long opened his eyes and looked at the middle-aged sick man neither salty nor light. The middle-aged sick man's face was sallow, his chin had a few strands of yellow beard like hay, and although his body was still strong, it gave people a very gloomy feeling as a whole. He was looking at Kang Long disdainfully and playfully, with a mocking look in his eyes. Next to him was an old beggar who knew him. He couldn't bear to look at him. He couldn't help saying, "Sick Worm, you are also a famous master in the southwest. How can you compete with a strange boy?". He's pitiful, too. Forget it. Let him go. The middle-aged man, who had been called a sick man, glared viciously at the old beggar who had spoken and shouted, "*** you, Sun Laohuazi. You have nothing to do here. I want you to mind your own business.". I just don't like him. What's wrong? Is he your son or your grandson? Even I dare to take care of my business. I'm so ***ing bored! The old beggar, uns s31803 sheet ,x60 line pipe, who was also a famous figure in the southwest, was furious when he heard this. He jumped up from the ground and pointed at the sick man and scolded him, saying, "Zhou Bing, Laohuazi just can't stand it. I advise you not to bully people too much. Be careful not to get into trouble. Don't think that your kungfu as a three-legged cat dares to clamor on Huashan Mountain!" "Why," said the sick man with a sneer, "aren't you convinced, Old Sun? Do you want to stand up for your cheap son? Come on, I'll see if you dare to do it! Although the old beggar was old, his anger was not small, and he was quite straightforward. He immediately pulled out the dog-beating stick from his waist and wanted to come up and do it. Kang Long did not wait for the two of them to start, but he stood up. Suddenly, with his usual bastard smile on his face, he said to the middle-aged sick man Zhou Bing, "What do you want to eat?" Neither Zhou Bing nor the old beggar could have imagined that Kang Long, who had been silent and afraid of trouble just now, would stand up as if he were not afraid of trouble. Zhou Bing looked at him. Although he was surprised for a moment, he was still disdainful. He said sarcastically, "Don't talk nonsense. If you have anything, take it out for me." Kang Long smiled and said, "Well, it's in my arms. Just come and get it yourself.". ” That old beggar cries at once: "That boy, how dare you say such words with disease big bug?"? He is a man who has always been famous for his viciousness in the southwest. Hurry up and I'll stop him for you! But Zhou Bing looked up and

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