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NuFace Dental Implant Center is a Multispecialty Best Dental Clinic in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. We offered cosmetic dentistry, implant placement, root canal therapy (RCT), crown and bridge work, orthodontics, and veneers, etc

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Dental Health

How To Get Rid Of Bad breathe The Easy Way, According To...

Are you confident you're doing everything possible ways to get rid of bad breath?


6 Tips For Quick Recovery Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Read on to discover the best wisdom teeth removal recovery tips to ensure a smooth recovery after your surgery here. Follow these...

Dental Health

Teeth Cleaning vs. Whitening: Know the Difference

Teeth cleaning and whitening are two different dental procedures that are used to improve the appearance and health of your teeth....

Dental Health

Best way to prevent tooth decay

Cavities and tooth decay, believe it or not, are the second most common health problem, trailing only the common cold.

Dental Health

Dental Clinic in Jalandhar - Nuface Dental Center

Nu Face Dental Implant Centre provides a high-quality dental experience by utilizing a team of trained specialized dentists

Dental Health

Nuface Dental Clinic and Implant Centre in Jalandhar

NuFace Dental Implant Center in Jalandhar is skilled and experienced enough to handle any type of tooth problem. We provide cutting-edge...

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