Random Giveaway Comment Picker

We make your giveaways better Want to make giveaways easier? Let this raffle app pick a random giveaway winner for you! Conduct as many compe-ions as you want and let others follow you closely as you select 2020 winners by using their actual names or Instagram user names in your lists.

Random Giveaway Comment Picker
Random Giveaway Comment Picker

App Features
Superb Design
We've worked hard to develop the best straight-forward app design that takes you straight to the point.
Fast Loading
Our custom builds Instagram API has an average comment importing time of 1.7 seconds for an average of 5000 comments.
Unlimited Import
Scratch away all that 50 comment non-sense! Import all the comments you can hold, no limits!
Component-Based Design
Our UI design pattern gets you straight to the point without all the h-le and the headache.
Clean Code
Our engineers have made sure that the app runs smoother than a german built engine, bugs are killed and just awesomeness remains.
Our app has tons of features but still sits there quietly in your phone taking a small amount of -e.