Top 10 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies for 2023

  • U.S News and World Report compiled a top 10 list of homeowners insurance policies.
  • The list was based on publicly available data and surveys of Americans.
  • Criteria included cost, coverage limits, policy features, and availability across the United States.
  • Chubb Insurance is an international company with its own flood insurance, sold only through their own agents.
  • Allstate Insurance is one of the largest insurance companies in America and offers coverage for smartphones and short-term home care.
  • Farmers Insurance offers coverage for various types of vehicles, rental properties, and pets but is not available in certain states.
  • Nationwide Insurance covers homes, motorcycles, pets, and commercial insurance in most states.
  • American Family Insurance is privately owned and offers options for nursing and assisted living coverage.
  • State Farm Insurance operates in all 50 states and offers policies for cars, homes, and liability.
  • Amica Insurance covers homes, renters, condos, and offers policies for cars, boats, and motorcycles.
  • Erie Insurance covers homes, vehicles, and boats and is named after its headquarters town in Pennsylvania.

US News and World Report has compiled a top 10 list of the best homeowners insurance policies for 2022. The list was created by analyzing publicly available data from 30 insurance companies that offer homeowners policies. The criteria used included the cost of policy, limit on coverage offerings, features of the policy, and availability across all of the United States. The top 10 results are presented in descending order. Chubb Insurance ranks number 10 for offering policies in 53 countries and territories besides the USA, and for offering its own flood insurance. Allstate Insurance comes in at number 9 with revenues exceeding $40bn and offering coverage for cellular smartphones and Covenant short-term Home Care. Farmers Insurance ranks number 8 for offering a broad range of insurance including car and campers, boats, and motorcycles in addition to homeowners insurance. Nationwide Insurance ranks number 7 for covering every state except Alaska, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Louisiana, and Hawaii. American Family Insurance ranks number 6 for offering policies for nursing and assisted living coverage in addition to Auto, motorcycle, RV and Boat insurance. State Farm Insurance ranks number 5 for offering policies to cover cars, homes, renters, condos, as well as Life, Health, disability, and liability. Amica Insurance ranks number 4 for covering home office and office equipment usage in the home. Erie Insurance ranks number 3 for covering homes, motorcycles, RVs, and boats. Travelers Insurance ranks number 2 for offering coverage for water damage and sewer backups. The list is topped by Lemonade Insurance Company, which offers fast, affordable, and transparent homeowners insurance policies.

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