Who is Karan Singh Vaidh

Karan Singh Vaidh is also known as Kidney Stone Specialist all over Himachal Pradesh because he makes kidney stone treatment very easy and for the short term, only 3 days of kidney stone medicine can solve your problem, It’s a revolution in Ayurveda’s history.

Who is Karan Singh Vaidh
Karan singh Vaidh

Karan Singh Vaidh (Born – 31 October 1977) in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India. Karan Singh Vaidh’s Family Moved to Delhi when He was just 4-Month-Old. Karan Singh Vaidh has 4 siblings (2 Sisters & 2 Brothers) Karan Singh Vaidh is the 2nd elder sibling.

He completed his High School Education in Kendriya Vidyalaya Delhi then He Returned to Himachal Pradesh and Completed his Education in Himachal

When Karan Singh Vaidh was in 8th Cl- when he saw his father how they treated so many people by giving medicine, His father has deep knowledge about medicines So Karan Singh Vaidh started taking interest in his field from his childhood. When Karan Singh Vaidh went to his village then He Also observed his mother and granny treat people by giving some home ingredients, like Black Pepper, Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, and some other spices. Karan Singh Vaidh gets inspired by these things that how these spices magically treated people and these all our regular use items So we don’t spend money on medicines.

He also Director of 4 More NGOs –Kings Club (Society) India, Society for United Development Efforts of Youth (Udey)

Rare Cases

Here is the Details of Some Rare Cases that Karan Singh Vaidh Solved

  • 5 Years Old Kid Has Kidney Stone


  • 110 MM Kidney Stone Case
  • 50 Years Old Migraine
  • 35 Years Old Internal Weakness and Under Weight
  • 8 Years Old Sleep Disease
  • 7 Years Old kid has Asthma

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